Successfully combined the philosophy and strength, his single Perfect, a new theory, which was completed in Barcelona._Total Football _Ronaldinho_Deco_Messi_Iniesta_Xavi_Guardiola_Alex Ferguson

Successfully combined the philosophy and strength, his single Perfect, a new theory, which was completed in Barcelona.

Total Football is football and the new theory, but its completion is a long preparation, you will need to stick to the philosophy that strength. Case of Barcelona, ​​after a period of one that relies heavily on power, Finally, both the individual and organization, I say I arrived at the true total football. Completion of total football that it is difficult enough, and further, that to complete it while maintaining the strength that I do not see an easy thing.
Ronaldinho, Deco, a period that was two axes are still strong, but, in a real call and was not total football. From the left side to right side of the two, it is a form of attack,The possession, but, than it was a little counter of a little football. In total football is not a predecessor to the previous one "4-3-3" was his one Perfect, Change was accomplished by adding a little football was like that. Two flat lines, starting side, a form of attack from one side the other side, counter that combines style and Possession, After making a golden age, Messi, Iniesta, and the core of players that have been directed Guardiola, compactness of the whole, that is, small fields and the true possession of the press is true, -And, of Poribarento, that liquidity was able to add it on top of each organization. I think it has been completed so total football.

We watched it completed a mesh placed in the middle rather than side, multiply it by mistake one button, there risk of a nostalgic return to the style. And some say there were in the Maradona led Argentina in South Africa. In addition, the total football "3-4-3" There is also deeply rooted illusion. In fact, not the form, press high of Poribarento, Smallfield, one of the greatest players present, the height of the potentialities of the whole It is the identity of Total Football, total football and can act even if it in any form.
There is also a realization that can not be football experience with Sir Alex Ferguson is not fact, because of the fact that, as a starting point of each type of combination, that involves changing a person from the flexibility it needs , Form rather than a fixed, maintain strength and balance is always the liquidity to keep the shape of one organization by the power of the individual, and the total football it to her Perfect is trying to complete further Barcelona I think also on the road.
Therefore, even if just to watch Barcelona soccer, I know Barcelona is not really a football, let alone realize that it can not be said of it. Application without knowing the basics can not get to know, I thing.Can be imitated, and it can not be real, I thing. Total Football is strictly derived from evolution theory or the underlying foundation there is, moreover, is improved through the application of its foundation over time.
Never, in the things which do not exist in isolation. Of course, not something completely different thing. Standing on the theory underlying the new theory also.Catalans football is there, the total football of football, it is important that in considering what, I think so.


Xavi, Iniesta & Messi vs. Real Madrid [2010/11]


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