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Barcelona has an away game at Real Sociedad. 29 minutes earlier, sent a through pass inside the area Xavi, Messi was a slight reaction in goods reached, Thiago Alcantara and ran to meet the first goal! It was expanded further in the game by pressing the touch of Barcelona, ​​and into the second half, R · Sociedad will flow slowly toward . 26 minutes late, but the tying goal on Ifuran, Sociedad further build on the momentum.Feeling the flow disgusting, I wish that I draw, got 37 minutes in the second half of the foul PK Mascherano Xabi Prieto is precisely determined, and reversal costs.No way, I would have lost, Barcelona would not have tried anyway, the end anyway. Took the lead 1-2 but lost in Barcelona.

Real Madrid are at home against Zaragoza. The match, dominated the real ball. , And 41 minutes early, Zaragoza took the ball in midfield. Sent a pass to the front, it is clear GK Casillas mistake.It pushed the opening goal in the Zaragoza Rafita! It is conceded rainy day. Also nine minutes late, PK decided to Zaragoza. Back Sergio Ramos headed in one point, I think that the first tie,Suppose the front but where was the Real Rafita allowing a goal back from the counter. Painful 2-3 defeat at the end now.
Barcelona and Real Madrid over two, I have become lost with the situation said. In four races Classico dawn, fighting spirit is missing, but have fallen undeniable motivation,Real had led to the defeat from mistakes. Results have become a little shameless.

However, Section 38 of the season at Barcelona, ​​the first two losses, is the first real defeat from four, is a big thing. Barcelona have decided the championship almost hard to catch the Real. 8 goal difference would have to say too much. I have to say that even before the championship game digestion would not have had lackluster teams.

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