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UCL Clasico: Barcelona1-1 Real Madrid; Casillas: "El gol anulado ha sido otra más, como siempre"

Madrid Classico post comments

Interviews Casillas (captain Les Halles ・ Madrid Spain squad captain)

Please remember the game at home. Were goalless, but today we won 1-1 in missed. Complex and that it was not worse. We have to play us. Fans proud should. " "I am angry. We came to work in July, decided these (misjudgment) I'm changing everything. (Classico) lost we were in four games only once. Goal Higuain will be nothing.And (against Real Madrid was the decision), I'm just. As always it. We can not do anything with. But it was able to have pride in the club. But Mourinho said, He was pleased with our effort, "

Ronaldo (Madrid, representatives Portugal) "It is I was not. These things happen I knew. We are living'm with these things. In the first leg at the Bernabeu,We lost a chance to advance to the final. This is different. In this case, but it was just the same. It was the Bernabeu, it was here today ... I have a lot of things overlap. ""The dressing room instead of the most aggrieved.'s Time to play in such a disadvantage is that it is very difficult"

Shabi・Aronso (Spanish national)

"If the goal is allowed Higuain, would have been completely different. We feel that has made the wrong judge for themselves many times. I like it. It was a beginning of the second half, getting a goal if it would have changed everything. That goal was not observed, since they scored, it became increasingly difficult.I really feel that that was the difference. We feel that a good job themselves. But the decision was against some of us """ (For that racist remark before the game against Marcello is Busukettsu) Relation of some Barcelona players and broke. There is not much to say. I can pretty clear. (How much anger The Dolphin) do not know. It should listen to him. "


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