Man U, Liverpool overtook the domestic league, the club champion._Manchester United _Blackburn _Premier League champions _Liverpool _Sir Alex Ferguson _victory_Wayne Rooney _PK_goal _football _Spanish champions Barcelona _Red Devils_バルセロナ_赤い悪魔


Man U, Liverpool overtook the domestic league, the club champion.

 Manchester United (Man U), but held on against Blackburn a 1-1 draw at 14, won the Premier League champions this season. Man U is extended to 19 the number of times in the domestic league championship,Club champion was by far the largest of Liverpool alone had it lined up.  Sir Alex Ferguson has led the team for 25 years, the Man U has brought to the league title 12 times, while Liverpool are away from ,1989-League title last season, winning 90.

After winning points from victory. "1" in a battle in enemy territory reached. Hauling decided to approach the trophy shot was the 10th ace to take some too. Reached in 73 minutes 0-1, and Javier Hernandez won the PK. Wayne Rooney is carrying high expectations for herself, calm feeling proud over time, concentrating on just score a goal.Thirst for victory, constant practice, unwavering confidence. Put it all on the right leg, left corner of the goal to shoot and stab accurate, and rushed down to Rooney fans and colleagues raised a cry of joy. Most single second league title 19 times. Manchester United finally broke the history of football "homeland" and "the most successful team" was.

The struggle continues aim for further glory. May 28, the Spanish champions Barcelona and the summit of confrontation. Toward the fourth career European title, "Red Devils" will not stop the march.


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