26 04 - What Day Is It? W - Zidane announced his retirement in the German Cup _Jizu _soccer _world's best footballers_FIFA best player award _Ballon d'Or _Great football player _Zinedine Zidane_World Cup_Juventus _Serie A_La Liga _Real Madrid_UEFA Champions League _Toyota Cup _Michel Platini_King of Football_Pele_Cruyff _Beckenbauer_Maradona_Baggio _クライフやベッケンバウアー、プラティニ、マラドーナ、R・バッジョなど各国のスーパースター

Penalty World Cup Germany 2006 Zidane vs Buffon

Zidane headbutts Materazzi - BEST ANGLE *****

26 04 - What Day Is It? W - Zidane announced his retirement in the German Cup

Jizu (nickname) has attracted a magnificent play soccer fans around the world.

26 April 2006;

God loved the world's best footballers, pulling 34-year-old act.

 FIFA best player award three times (1998, 2000, 2003), once Ballon d'Or (1998), Great football player [100] (※) was selected as a "hero of the French" Zinedine Zidane, W Germany and announced retirement last World Cup.
 From the late 1990s and early 2000s, Zidane went on to dominate the world's top times. Juventus in Serie A twice in control, even in La Liga Real Madrid, UEFA Champions League Toyota Cup and then continued to apex Unusual stand. The first win to lead the French National W Cup champion for the second time since 1984 and two years later at the European Championship. Zidane has won every major title in both the club representatives were told that even more than Michel Platini, the hero of his country.
 In Real, a representative in France, keep shining steadfast Jersey 10. The play, not seen any signs of decline. Only Zidane, however, make the fair had a feeling satisfied. "The last two years did not regain top form. In a great club like Real Madrid is not a reason to keep playing"

 Only those who know only the struggle to rule on the top -. Zidane has a year contract to leave Real and lowered the curtain on its own.

(※) FIFA at a ceremony held on March 4, 2004 to commemorate the centennial, the "King of Football" was chosen by Pele.Cruyff and Beckenbauer, Platini, Maradona, R ·Baggio enter one's name and country superstar .


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