The family plays the first year he became commander! Milan V checkmate the first time in seven seasons_Serie A AC Milan 1―0 Bologna _Massimiliano Arreguri _Roma _Flamini _Inter _Inter Milan _Mourinho _Chelsea _Ronaldinho _Cassano _Seedorf _Massimiliano Arreguri _Italy_Ibrahimovic _リーグ最優秀監督

Zlatan Ibrahimovic fight, bad boy

The family plays the first year he became commander! Milan V checkmate the first time in seven seasons

Serie A AC Milan 1―0 Bologna (May 1)

 Serie A match made in day 7 of Section 35, to lead AC Milan 1-0 Bologna, and put a shot to win the first time in seven seasons at the season's first five game winning streak.Massimiliano Arreguri appointed director of the first year (43) rebuilt the prestigious 17th victory on major reinforcement of the team together. Determine the winner against Roma on 07 sections.
 The AC Milan's home is filled with festive mood. Eight different points with Inter Milan for second place. The results exceeded the enemy confrontation, but at one point victry By adding the remaining three races. Arreguri coach is "99.99% of us. Decide in the next section of Rome," she said, smiling. This day took the lead eight minutes extra points could not be started,Join Boateng under attack from the middle and top Flamini scored, a victory to hold the pace throughout 61 total score was one point short of Inter "minimum runs and scoring offense with a second place league (23) is proud defense was" proudly. 08 - Serie 09 A year as head coach at Cagliari was the first challenge is the limited forces fought bravely in the ninth. Inter Milan Mourinho won the (then) was chosen as best director suppressed league, opened the way to the inauguration of the Milan coach this season.
 Was also noted a lack of experience, knowledge absorption and visit Ancelotti led Milan to Chelsea in 2009.Ronaldinho was considered fit haste (Flamengo now) team seized the method name such as agnostic turn hired ahead. Success is "fortunate to have had significant investment in time became" but with humility, and was appointed co-exist in a flexible method of joining forces with the existing new star Ibrahimovic and Cassano from the ability of the appointed law director loud it.
 Aims to interact with the player for his honest, the veteran Seedorf temporary impact "exercises to make me feel good, clearly the philosophy of tactics," and praise.Even ahead of the DF Jepesu "respect for the players, make me believe in the idea that everyone" to trust. The team plays winning hand. "CL goals in Europe next season." Commander with the response ahead in view.

 Massimiliano Arreguri

 August 11, 1967, 43 years old born in Livorno, Italy. And as played in Pescara MF, start living in the lower league coach since 2003. When he became coach of Serie Cagliari 08 A1 into the ninth year in the first year, The league was chosen as best director, dismissed April 10 in the second year. In June he became the coach of AC Milan.


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