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Aguero: "Atletico remain in 2014"

Sergio Aguero

Atletico Madrid Sergio Aguero FW, wants to finish his career at former club Independiente. On the other hand, however, leaving Atletico in the near future, also said no.

Independiente debut at the age of 15, joined Atletico Madrid Aguero on the transfer fee is said to 23 million euros in 2006. Chelsea and Juventus, the player will fuss and interest from giants Manchester United, Marca, Spain [in], to emphasize the intention of remaining as follows.

"I will finish his career in Argentina. To put it more precisely, it at Independiente. I was a big fan of them, I'll be gone when you were very young"

"One day, the team would like to leave, tell the front desk when Hayo Sono. But now I do not think such a thing. I extended the contract until 2014. It stays until then. Atlético so, the fan club that I'm not hot "


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