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Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona Pepe Red Card 27/4/11 UEFA Semifinal

Mourinho's surprise move Classico victory

I can not lose battles. It is a traditional game Classico Barca vs Real, Spain. If you do not lose ends, but just play nasty. Football Association chairman, is worried about end up in each other's players would be strained in the Spain squad. Barca fight has always said Mourinho would have been 10 people,Not seem satisfied with the decision of the referee is going. After the Champions League semi-final 1st leg raise even play that caused the exit of the VTR Pepe opponent in the leg validation has proven not right. Coach was dismissed as a tribute to the significance of it. This is not something accumulated. The 2nd fight on equal terms with no translation will take command of the leg.

I'm famous handedly gave incredibly detailed game analysis, team strategy Mourinho, the personal experience of a professional soccer player is not actually. Involved in football I was,He was in the first and interpreters. What were fertilizing the eye here? I will coach after this time, but it is true of the other players are very detailed analysis of this or that.DVD Features opponents gathered to tell sometimes CG seems to use a strategy for winning.
Rice stubbornness and obstinacy of their clash clouds of war seemed likely played 2nd lead leg is gone too safe, what kind of a fight?


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