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Soccer UEFA EURO fighting since the beginning of the team last summer aimed at 51 finals, 2012 world champion Spain aiming straight victory in Europe, while Germany and the Netherlands to keep the undefeated, unbeaten in five games so far in Italy and Greece too. Slovakia even more, to maintain a strong finals for the first time.

UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying Group E and Group I victory in the Netherlands, Hungary and Lithuania, Spain, respectively, keeping the lead group. On the other hand, Sweden won the day, Turkey raised the qualification for the rank and Israel.

Topped the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifying undefeated, both the Netherlands and Spain also advanced to the finals of this tournament will be held jointly by Poland and Ukraine in the UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying, the undefeated record so far has been. Held in Budapest against Messi Hungary on 25 and won 4-0 Oranje (Dutch national nickname), but reached home game on April 29 in Hungary struggled somewhat the same.

Scramble game point and, five minutes into the second half 1-2 lead and allowed the Netherlands and Hungary, even if the deployment was tough last 15 minutes and 3-3, then scored two goals for Dirk Kuyt In the 5-3 victory. Lithuania, but was caught in the second half of the Spanish one, seven minutes before the end point of making doubly sure took the 3-1 victory over football. The same group in Spain and I Liechtenstein 2-0 in the Czech Republic, cemented second place.

Turkey, Austria win 2-0, rising to third place in Group A. Azerbaijan 4-1 win and one point from Belgium won the second place.Group F, 1-0 Georgia Israel also moved up to third place beating, has become the difference between two points for each category grabs top four countries. Romania is in group D with a 3-1 victory in Luxembourg, cited the first qualifying win.

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