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長友Nagatomo Goal Nagatomico! Inter-Catania 3-1. 22-05-2011

Inter, the Japanese team won in the transfer in DF rental Cesena Nagatomo Yuu permanent move , and DF Brazil could instead release a Maicon, Italian media reported that.

 Nagatomo rental and transfer to Intel in January to increase the rating for each game played in Serie A match against Catania last section marks the first two goals. Date Gazetta dello Sport [24], the "Inter's new hero," and will be featured with clubs, media and received high praise from fans, full transfer is seen as sure. - Meanwhile, the candidates have been released, but Nagatomo "a wing of the world" and I applaud the Maicon. The player was shown a better performance this season, showing the brilliance that was achieved the triple crown last season were few. Also been pointed out the problem of motivation, which are reported to have a shot this summer's transfer to Real Madrid last summer was rumored.

 However, if the Maicon, which is likely to transfer from the perspective of the business rather than a performance issue. If you can sell a home computer still has the contract this summer, because it provides substantial transfer fee, best "time to sell," That's how it is.
 Moreover, [the] Gazetta dello Sport "performance was well enough to grab the position of Maicon have built a wing position and steadfast in the right" to be gained in ensuring a permanent move and praise Nagatomo.

High performance can be affected on both sides, "a wing can be calculated" by acquiring a Nagatomo holes So they can stave off the to a High performance can be affected on both sides, "a wing can be calculated" by Maicon minimum.

 When you moved to Inter, Nagatomo said, "I want to be a wing in the world," he said. And now, seems to have gained a reputation as a wing is considered the best in the world can make up.


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