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Some more sleep and have an annual festival of football fans have been waiting in the galaxy, it is started. Yes, the CL final at Wembley ahead of the weekend, Barcelona × ​​Man U

What worries me is balsa, DF line to see what the starting lineup? What about. Because they can never change the way because you do not fight by opponents. The DF line if Abidal played the left side,(From left), Abidal, Pique, Puyol, Alves, but if I feel I have Iishi Mascherano form (also from left), Puyol, Pique, Mascherano, and Alves.

It is widely expected. Mascherano if appointed, high Barca never felt at a disadvantage likely to be higher but,,,

So, point is still anxious for the attractive football of the highest current Barca, Man U or challenge the way how the fight went? I'm become a thing.

In the Ferguson 4-4-1-one fight scene. Berbatov loves me as I'm afraid not, perhaps Chicharito top front, it must be under the form of Rooney.

Valencia Park side of midfield. I wonder if the central Giggs and Carrick? But here is a little know whether you are hired to kill the middle of the Barca players, whether to appoint a player from taking the ball to lose?Man U are taken immediately once the ball comes over the Catalans took the ball in midfield but press, and even put out counter, they fall into the Barusapesu Hey, after all) around here Man U players in the appointment Isn `t know whether in the Go to Barcelona to fight in what way?
DF Line (from left), Evra, Biditchi, Rio, how vain and O'Shea.

2009 CL final two years of fighting. In the last race, though it was a strong age bias England, Man U 2-0 Barca was the game down on. In the CL final again, this time between looking attractive football's top man in Barca challenge the U shape.

Magazines and the internet, or anti-Man U's Lionel Messi, Alves matchup Park or ×, and with many simulations, but are analyzed and the end, I'm not exactly something. Because football. But this point, the man Sir Alex Ferguson's players U completely mental, I think I'm able to bring the state or more. Will be decorated with a single point may be the last runway Van der Sar.

Well, I do not know whether the ball rolling and do you want to start the game. So eventually, I hope you enjoy the day without the big time I prep soccer.

Manchester United GOAL


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