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Info soccer !

Europe in the league have a certain last-minute victory after another!

Barcelona, ​​Spain, England, Manchester United, Milan, Italy, Germany, Dortmund and we are affiliated with Kagawa.

And the conclusion of European football, Champions League Final will again!

Saturday May 28 this season, England, at Wembley Stadium in London, Barcelona × Man U is now a card!

The final two years ago with the same card! This was a time when Barca victory be?

Barca is a flavor combination and a restless ideas and improvisation soccer Messi, the Man U defense, of course, what flavor is not hard work and tactics in the attack was calculated.

Enjoy! This year's club championship held in Japan, the Club World Cup comes at the end!

The winner is still expected to do in Barcelona.

FC Barcelona UEFA champions league winner 2008/2009 Photos


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