Bundesliga [German magazine Kicker Guide to Kagawa is "quasi-MVP" elected _Japan _Kagawa Shinzi _Dortmund_MVP _Asian Cup _semi-final _South Korea_Nuri SAHIN _Manuel Noia

Bundesliga [German magazine Kicker Guide to Kagawa is "quasi-MVP" elected

German magazine Kicker, the representative of Japan to MF Kagawa Shinzi belonging to Dortmund, and evaluate the players who played in the second Bundesliga.

 Bundesliga was completed on schedule last season the league has 15 sections, the magazine announced the ranking season scoring total. In the 477 players playing a certain number of hours being met, and second place Kagawa, won the MVP level.

 Kagawa Japan participated as a representative for the Asian Cup was held in January, broke in the semi-final against South Korea. Was waving a stick in the second half of the season Dortmund.MVP in the first half but the first time the magazine more active in evaluating and tow Dortmund. Significant contribution to the team that had won an overwhelming Maisutashare performance.  The first place Funmerusu Mats Nuri SAHIN in third place, dominated by players up to fifth place in Dortmund. In other club Dortmund, Schalke GK has become the highest ranking of sixth Manuel Noia.


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