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Atsuto Uchida Highlights

DF - Munich - Utida Atsuhito Japanese national (22), but after his first shot at the title! Full participation in a wing of the enemy territory and the right against the previous champions Bayern Munich.MF marked the French national Franck Ribery (27) 1-containment helped them win the finals of 0. Japanese players advance to finals World Cup in Germany, in Cologne won the 1978 FW Yokohama FC Okudera Yasuhiko current president (58) since 33 years.Duisburg and will play the final in Berlin on May 21, part 2. World-class giant enemy territory Bavaria, the majority of the 69,000 filling the Allianz Arena, Sank in disappointment. Uchida stretched body, contributing to the victory without conceding a goal. Explosion joy to dive with friends and decide to pitch finals.
 FW former Spanish representative to observe the play won a precious thing in the first half 15 minutes decided to Raul, Uchida sensation even do it after the game. Robben is a Dutch national party FW,FW W German national army Cup star Muller scorer. France squad attacked the core of it all of a Ribery MF, Uchida sealed.
 A wing and left-right match-up in the MF. And promote movement of the other dribble break, and continued for 90 minutes hampered in partnership with allies. Uchida is a frenzied scene Ribery hit the body. "I was very frustrated Ribery. I've hit the side was really angry. Be beaten like this makes sense, "fear and tasted before.

 Japanese players in the World Cup finalists Germany in Cologne began in 1935, was straight years ,77-78 FW Okudera Yasuhiko feat since 33 years. Uchida was born in 1988, "Is that so?  But after his first chance to stand on top of itself. "But then it is meaningless to win.'d Better do it were a second"

CL turn 22 years old stalwart grasp it. Popular surprised colleagues from Japan received a large amount of chocolate on Valentine's Day, the team are at the heart of her talent.


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