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Barcelona vs Arsenal 3-1 Champions League -3-8-2011

UEFA, Percy sent off to dispose of rage and Wenger Nasri

European Football Union (Union of European Football Associations, UEFA) May 9, 08 were European Champions League 2010-11 (UEFA Champions League 2010-11)Round of 16 of FC Barcelona (FC Barcelona) was inappropriate as the post-war Arsenal (Arsenal) Arsene Wenger's (Arsene Wenger) and director Samir Nasri (Samir Nasri) said to consider disciplinary action against was.
 UEFA said, "last night in Spain (08), second leg Champions League first knockout round was held, under the Barcelona game, Arsene Wenger and Arsenal The club's midfielder, Samir Nasri took a player for disciplinary proceedings. Both sides may be disposed of down the illegal act.In addition, UEFA Disciplinary Committee will hold a hearing on this matter on March 17 "was announced.

 Wenger, Robin van Percy in the game (Robin Van Persie) I was outraged by the yellow card and sent off the second,Busaka referee Massimo (Massimo Busacca)'s decision is "bad," he said. Also, after the final whistle, -
Has been reported that there was a strong interaction between Wenger and the referee in the stadium Busaka passages.

Shots 19-0. Lack of an overwhelming decision, "Anyone who would win 11" to believe


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