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Maicon scores a beauty (Inter-Juventus 1-0 goal)

Gareth Bale vs Internazionale 2010

YUTO‐NAGATOMO/長友‐佑都 [The Best]

The left-out people in the world.

It is said that left-out people around the world. Personally, I think a wing and have an advantage in playing the most dominant side of the foot as well.Now, players can be called right or left can also be appreciated that the utility of, and limited to the most lucrative but still left-handed. Also favor a wing right-handed right.No evidence of a wing to the right-handed players. He left side, his left foot to kick even with the most to raise the attack raised cross,Easily the best kick with his left foot kick to the front of the feeds from a low position. Even when you dribble, no good if I have to touch the ball with his left foot to put the ball into the opponent's far from the vertical movement of the base.MF like it, but you can also right-handed from the left side into play in so many more moves to the side, playing on a wing inside the 、I do not like much was taken at a greater risk. The left-handed player itself is small to begin with. Ue handed to it in a few good players are Everyone wants to do things, from MF and FW, DF I'm sure the world is less left-handed player in me. The high-level left-handed in Japan as I think very few。。The left side and back can also right-handed Nagatomo Inter, overwhelmingly high levels of athletes from us to cover, but it feels that Can not help without expectation. I'll pass it soon became a maniac story. Nagatomo luck anyway.

Gareth Frank Bale

From Cardiff, Wales, a member of Tottenham Hotspur football player. He has played left-half side, left-wing left. Lefty.The flavor is outstanding dribbling technique and speed advantage of the speed of your feet. Two days against Intel in November 2010 UEFA Champions League Maicon was abandoned several times a wing of the world's best right at the astounding speed. The accuracy is very high cross brought in after dribbling.


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