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Barça prepare an offer to acquire huge bail? ?
Gareth Bale Tottenham belonging to MF.

 In the transfer market this summer, said to provide a huge offer to acquire the Barcelona bail.

Barca prepare to transfer fee is £ 40 million.

 Harry Redknapp led Tottenham coach, to beg someone to stay with Vail is like watching will be the right condition to win the Champions League next season.

 This season, played a big hit with the bail has been interest from big clubs in Europe.

 Barca move fairly high level of serious, Tottenham have an interest or a cherished transfer fee of 40 million pounds has been reported that FW is also included in the deal to move Kurukitchi Bo Jiang.

In Spain, could again erupt in the transfer market Classico cherished and Real Madrid also interested in acquiring bail.



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