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Franck Ribery Tricks and Goals

 Everything goes wrong, limited to forget quickly, a lifetime of one year then that is that. Bayern Munich's French national MF, Franck Ribery (27) who 2010 was the year that just -. L'Equipe reported that the paper.
 The start of the year, yet so bad. Complication transfer to Real Madrid is a problem, he could not slip through the beginning of the season in a series of injuries,The last time I saw signs of recovery, in combination with the Champions League Bayern Robben (CL) led to the semifinals.
 Demodulation is dampened Ribery such cases of "minor sex scandal" is. CL received a police interview that the timing just before the semi-final against Lyon and became prey to the media. What's in the game against Lyon to give up too fighting spirit into the stigma, and saw a direct red card against FW dangerous tackle. Despite the team finals, Ribery waved a stick at the stage of fine suspended it.

 W and reached the World Cup. While he is expected to be a pillar of the French national team, lackluster play is just psyched to be racing again. In addition to typical "boss" and been named one of Invited the team to intimidate the young nervous, was one of the author and to the association produced a revolt by boycotting practice.

 Even after repeated injuries this season has begun, only the first half played in 15 games, including cup competitions. Bayern fifth in the country (and 14 points behind leader) has become one of the reasons to be depressed.Representatives, even after the curfew had solved the disposal of three games, still do not return to fulfill. The only bright spot for that Ribery is that it does not lose the trust of Bavaria. The contract has been extended until 2015.Salary 30,000,083 euros (£ 90 million), is the Bundesliga's highest-paid.


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