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NAGATOMO : Inter vs Genoa 長友佑都 ジェノア戦 後半途中出場 初ゴール 2011/3/6

Inter 5-2 Genoa, Pazzini e super Eto'o, vola l'Inter 06-03-2011

Serie A Inter Milan 5-2 Genoa Section 28 (06 March 2011) -

 The following is a triumphant finish! Japanese delegation Milano DF Nagatomo (24) 06, played 33 minutes in the second half against Genoa was home The Japanese will be the seventh in Serie A history to score a goal first. Japanese national team against Montenegro on the 25th (Pa Eco), 29 against New Zealand (National) is going to be, Nagatomo has vowed to respond to the call policy.
 Japan to decide on the next sack. After his Inter Milan, Serie A has played six games in the first Nagatomo scored first, spoke about the first friendly match later this month. "Representative? Course. Representative pride however, who raised me. I want to give something back to football in Japan.'s Called ... so be honored." Indicated its intention to convene once happy home.
 Montenegrin representatives in Japan later this month, will face New Zealand. According to officials, will convene a European group supervisor Zakkeroni league is planning to defer rush.Instead, the Ultra that various European clubs that have approached according to the Copa America in July to call non-binding United Association of C plans have emerged.Amid such words made me proud Nagatomo strong Japanese team. -
 A friendly match in March, the International Day for the league match will be suspended and move halfway around the globe for the European group of physically risky.Once the club and could be fatal, especially regular heavy fighting. But Nagatomo is "wanted" goal by tangible results that were obtained, Positively taken to Japan.

 The first goal was a blow to shame FW. The 78 m build a better flying in front of goal but hit the MF Rossi, with his left foot to reverse the body's head pierced GK It is not so pleasant. I thought if you take the inverse of the center strike. " Eto'o after the goal, followed by Snyder et corps Star Performance "bow" is also presented. Intel had been part of completely.
 While some already established an unshakable position. Sport Gazetta de Pablo is a local newspaper dated 7 Nagatomo played 12 minutes gave a high rating of 6.5 points and unusual. In addition, "was transformed into a small samurai Inzaghi. San Siro with a ball each time (formerly known as the Giuseppe Meazza) caught fire," and Italy's leading superimposed FW.According to officials, aims to win the second Nagatomo Cesena former club FC Tokyo alliance made an offer such rates is increasing in Italy.
 Kokura Japanese Football Association president, "Great. I hope you come back in a friendly match in March," and are looking forward to the triumphant return.


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