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PRAY FOR JAPAN 大地震に対する海外のスポーツ関係者,著名人からのメッセージ

cesc fabregas

In the northeastern Pacific Ocean Earthquake, Twitter and the official website of the Premier League clubs and players, We are sending a message to the next comments and encouragement and care for the Japanese face book. Here are the main ones among them.

Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal)

"I dedicate prayers to the victims and the people of Japan"

Robin van Persie (Arsenal)

"Haunting images of earthquakes in Japan. So sad"

Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)

"The Japanese people you can imagine the heartache. I hope to recover as soon as possible"

"(12 days before the game) footage from Japan and I do not see reality. Absolutely victory today, to dedicate all of Japan. Come on Arsenal!"

Andrei Arushavin (Arsenal)

"Good luck in Japan! I wish all of you a safe"

Sanja Bakari (Arsenal)

"Japan, New Zealand, Haiti, Libya, and to the people all the victims. I would like to sincerely sympathy"

Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal, moved in to rental Cardiff)

"I would like to sincerely sympathy to everyone in Japan"

Samir Nasri (Arsenal)

"May the blessings of God in Japan"

Sanchez watts (Arsenal)

"May the blessings of God in Japan"

Afobe Beniku (Arsenal)

"The world became a very sad day for Asia in particular. God, please lend its strength to the tragedy taking place in Japan that it somehow"

Nicklas Ben Toner (Arsenal)

"The earthquake / tsunami in all the victims, I would like to sincerely sympathy"

Jason Roberts (Blackburn)

"Watch the news, my heart has been shaken by tragedy in Japan. Life is so precious"

Kevin Davies (Bolton)

"I saw the devastation in Japan. Earthquake that measures their world everyone knows that.

Stuart Holden (Bolton)

"Get up now, earthquakes in Japan and learned of the tsunami. Dedicates sympathy and prayers to everyone of the Japanese people"

Va Ray Lucas (Liverpool)

"May the God bless the Japanese people"

Rio Ferdinand (Man U)

"Looking at pictures of earthquakes and tsunamis. Really bad. Some people have survived in isolation. Terribly shocked and sad. I would like to sincerely sympathy to the people of Japan and its"


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