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Lionel Messi vs Arsenal ( MARCH 8TH 2011 )

Argentine Lionel Messi controversy?
Argentina coach Batista, Lionel Messi would say better than Pele and Maradona the player. It looks like the debate going. Discussions involving the development of domestic media and fans.Batista coach, "Messi has everything. Maradona, one of the players, but there is no doubt excellent. However, Messi is now the world's best," he said.
Grondona Argentinian Football Association president intervened. "In fact, currently the best player Messi. What is the best ever, like everyone has an opinion. Anyway I hate this kind of comparison, it does not make sense too,"
●Japan Football Association, said in a charity game to change to do a friendly match between Japan and New Zealand, 29 representatives. Meanwhile, the Football Association of New Zealand That are seeking information from Japanese authorities and security. Participation, and security needs of the players and staff.

Currently, it's like negotiating with the relevant authorities. New Zealand national team is scheduled friendly match in China 25 days. Football Association chairman, Hattum Van said, "to show solidarity with the people of Japan,

Japan Football Association and are working with authorities in order to obtain a guarantee "against Argentina, the number of clear, enter the number in company W Nana worse than the full data

That won 1-0 against Argentina so, it was well Magure

In contrast, Japan lost to Paraguay defeated W Cup data is quite good from Japan. Paraguay was the norm, so is winning.


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