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Inter-Genoa 5-2 Highlights Ampia Sintesi Sky HD 28^giornata 06.03.2011 NAGATOMO 長友

高画質 インテル長友、初ゴール! インテル 5-2 ジェノア Inter 5-2 Genoa

Italian Serie A Japanese national, who joined the Metropolitan Government DF Nagatomo Yuu Inter's first score in the game and gave Genoa held on October 6.

 Yuu Nagatomo 4-minute lead in the second half of the 32 1 DF participated in turn-of Ranokkia. 39 minutes, run up and jump out of the left side,It is dynamic in his left foot shot from Suharuja got the ball in front of goal. The ball pierced the left goal. Inter won the game 5-2.
 Inter's Web site, in an interview published Nagatomo voice. While exchanging the occasional Italian, "I thank my colleagues gathered in the hall," and so Nagatomo comment.Also noteworthy for future games. Intel after the transfer, Nagatomo player scored the first Japanese team. Convey the joy, that Leonardo was a coach in order to thank and hug.
- "Zanetti bowed? - After a goal, I wanted extra work. Because of my things to me this time, Intel will have to thank.-Happiness is wearing this shirt. Major role in their defense. No need to go to score, I was like this. God's gift. The goal is to dedicate staff and fans "" I can not remember the goal so excited. How are things going with a good increase in Italian. Leonardo is an excellent coach. So, we put a hug to thank. To thank fans. Today, I felt the passion. Pasta is my favorite. Love to eat and say,
" -


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