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Zinedine ZIDANE trapping compilation - christinayan

Fussball WM - Skandale [9] Rijkaard spuckt Völler an 1990

ciao pavel Nedved

Guardiola: Barcelonista forever

【伝説】 カントナ&ガスコイン ~悪名高き男たち~


Major titles from individual titles team, Zidane picked up everything. Aliens called the lasting power and high technique and ball control. Heading strongly shooting skills on the high body balance, head of France's two goals and W Cup final, blew away the German head-butting Materazzi in the final World Cup W impressive.Speed is not over, cover and physical techniques.


But a defensive player with a volante main battlefield, some techniques on the high pass and shot accuracy. Midfield dynamo of activity in terms of possible attacks. CB is also good command. There are so tall jumping on the players to beat him in aerial combat or not.


Czech and Juventus hero. The characteristic high shooting skills and mentality abundant stamina and momentum. Have the necessary elements to attack at a high level.Good command anywhere offensive midfield position.


The precise path to the top. Long-precision accuracy, especially magic. Win a point type, but the necessary elements have attacked.The speed and physical, has a little difficulty. Barcelona is currently a director has been plagued wielding.


Accurate dribble shoot-thru. Techniques and not just pass, scoring very high. IMP was quite extraordinary was a football sense.

Okocha: dribbling accuracy boasts high precision path Agility

Nakata Hidetoshi: physical path with high precision shooting skills techniques

Frit: A demon is a demon, a demon

Davids: Are features and inexhaustible stamina to Dread


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