German _Kazakhstan _2012 _Tohoku region Pacific Ocean earthquake_Kaiserslautern_Australia _Japan _World Cup_we are with everyone in Japan_Utida Atsuhito_Bundesliga _UEFA European Football Championship _Klose _Thomas Muller _Germany [4 - 0] Kazakhstan

German qualifier against Kazakhstan for 2012 euros held on October 26, hung a large flag that stands, the message was sent to the affected area for the Tohoku region Pacific Ocean earthquake.Where the game was held this day, Fritz Walter Stadion in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Australia and Japan in the first game of the World Cup was held years ago, 5 (● 1-3) fought, and where the very edge.
 Before kickoff, the flag and stand back a big "we are with everyone in Japan" written in Japanese boards are hung, and the silence was dedicated.
 Tese and the Chung and Utita Atsuhito, J number enrolled in the German league players from the Bundesliga first part of Section 27, Devoted to silent prayer before the kickoff for the Tohoku region Pacific Ocean earthquake victims in all 18 games in two parts, with a black arm band and make the game all players have been sending a message.

This game not only ☆, has been raised in Japan's reconstruction assistance message is a lot of foreign games.


UEFA European Football Championship / € 2012 qualifying Group A, the German national representation game vs Kazakhstan Goals.

FT Germany [4 - 0] Kazakhstan
3' [1 - 0] Klose
25' [2 - 0] Thomas Muller
43' [3 - 0] Thomas Muller
88' [4 - 0] Klose

Germany 4-0 Kazakhstan [26/03/2011] Highlights + Goals

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