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All the FreeKicks from David Beckham

Victoria Beckham

International celebrities in the name of wins over the world, some famous people in the party. In recent years I have known Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.Including Hollywood actors and actresses to marry case less is never very popular.
The case of the famous international celebrity couple will get in addition to the actor. The most famous, Beckham and his wife would.
Her husband, England footballer of the explanatory and David Beckham. And my wife is a Spice Victoria Beckham yuan The pure name recognition, but David is famous as a hugely popular with football player David Beckham still speaking,Standing position that a foreign celebrity, I might be better known as Victoria.
David Beckham's debut with the 1992-93 Premier League season, as well as England, who demonstrated a rare full technical, Celebrities are now suddenly filled with beautiful-looking actor attention. Later, Manchester United, "No. 7" as its prominence as a weapon worth the dedication of a beautiful cross and face,
He is also on the England captain is not just a mere idol, the worldwide attention as a soccer player.

Beckham was a marriage that is in 1999.Since his wife Victoria was proud of the recognition given as Spice "Beckham's wife," get a new face and played the ranks of celebrities.


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