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Robin van Persie Top 13 Goals

Nosu Poru and yesterday! The saw Messi headed. Rare! I thought, I said it the first time this season. I won the match 3:0 Mallorca.There are many star players. I can not remember the names and faces, or playing enough, only Messi is exceptional! The 10 days passed since the game is done, I want to know more watch the players shift changes due to the first game of round one round of UEFA Champions League, Arsenal vs. FC Barcelona for a game, Record easily. Incidentally, when I saw the first away on a journey into the world of dreams and immediately started early, before the game, remember that thing about London Calling is flowing ... Dearimashita state that (laughs). When Arsenal defenders over the press while the other person has possession and Fabregas Robin Van Percy, Raised to a higher position in the line to protect the last line of the form 4-4. So I tried to interpret 4-4-1-1. Always against Barcelona in the shape of a top or top-down Messi 0. 4-3-1-2 during the attack, and when the first attack to avoid their opponent's possession at the time the defense will go to defense position is lower than the mesh wings (or made it,Messi will not move or say)-4-1-4 may be expressed more easily transmitted one. The match in Barcelona brought superior pace to free themselves when attacking positioning etc., Preemptive 26 minutes. Since then, no one-sided development goals followed an 0-marks the second half left. 23 minutes late, and both sides move simultaneously.


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