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Chelsea FC - Press Conference Pre Manchester United

The Premier League was behind most of the digestion is performed on one day for Chelsea against Manchester United, Chelsea and won 2-1 in reverse.
United open the scoring in the middle Away targeted Rooney left the post barely 29 minutes. Get Rooney scored three consecutive league games for the first time this year.But Chelsea hit back to go into the second half, but Ivanovic auction Essien's cross 54 minutes, after his tying goal in the first volley David Lewis. Reached 80 minutes and got knocked down in the DF Jirukofu PK Smalling Lampard is determined, the winning goal in Chelsea was born.
The United became the second yellow card sent off in injury time Viditchi captain, can not play against Liverpool on Sunday. United against Chelsea is now three straight wins. Nine seasons at home, knowing defeat was United. United remain top of the 60 points, Chelsea are a little stretched to 48 games digestion points, rising to fourth place.
PK decided to Lampard after the final game, "point difference is still large, but the important thing was to win this game.United have been worthy of the fight to come out on top, we feel the fight is still remaining, tonight's game could be shown in it, "he said.

United's Ryan Giggs has played 70 minutes in the middle. Debuted, it was 20 years ago, on March 2, celebrating the victory anniversary was not a day earlier.However, in playing this game, lined up in 606 league games played record of Bobby Charlton has.


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