Barcelona (Spain) 3-1 Arsenal (England)_Shafutaru Donetsk (Ukraine) 3-0 Roma (Italy)_FC Barcelona 3-1 Arsenal _Camp Nou _Barca _Messi _Iniesta _Busuke _Villa _Pedro _Champions League

F.C Barcelona 3:1 Arsenal - Full Goal Highlight 8. March 2011

FC Barcelona 3-1 Arsenal

Now I come. What about fighting in the Camp Nou Barca lost the first leg in reverse.

Escape through the opening goal from the path of Messi Iniesta 48 minutes early.

But 53 minutes, CK Busuke own goal from tying. 56 minutes, exit at the second yellow like Percy. Barca numerical advantage was 69 minutes, Iniesta, Villa and is seen by connecting Chabi goal. A great break.

The two minutes later Pedro Get PK. Messi third point is decided. Barca only advantage to end the game as it is full, we decided to semi-finals.
I thought that would happen with the lack of picket Capitan, I got down. - Good.

Barcelona is home to Arsenal in the Champions League last eight in the morning reverse 3-1 defeat in advance. I also took a two-point mesh. I Messi actors.I also entered the quarterfinals defeating the Rome Shafutaru Donetsk of Ukraine It is great. -

Barcelona (Spain) 3-1 Arsenal (England)

Shafutaru Donetsk (Ukraine) 3-0 Roma (Italy)


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