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Barcelona - Arsenal 3-1 2011

Real Madrid - Olympique de Lyon: Iker Casillas pide el apoyo de la aficion

Japan finally realized CL showdown

UEFA Champions League, announced the combination of semi-finals.
Man U VS Chelsea playing against the red and blue in the Premier quarrel quarrel.
Spain had a bias against the Ukrainian Premier giants. Real Madrid was against Tottenham.
Mourinho was at the helm for Chelsea in the Premier at the time and all forces against different opponents, do not feel at all optimistic

Against Shakhtar Barcelona

In Ukraine, Dynamo Kiev in 1999 even powerhouses are going to the CL quarterfinals. Shakhtar itself into the quarterfinals at first, the momentum is enough.Barcelona stoutly to take this momentum, a strong football still to prove whether
Or show impatience. I feel really highlights a lot of games around here.

The last card of the attention, of course, boils down to confront the Japanese

Intel VS Schalke.

Inter Eto'o, Sneijder, Nagatomo

Raúl is also a Funteraru Schalke Farfan that Roche and Uchida.

This is not only interested in confrontation but just enough Japanese.

Schalke flapping but there is little you've been fired coach Magath do all right here.
CL other European women they have been made in the 16th semi-finals, the players belonging to the Potsdam Sato Hisashi starting lineup.

Played 30 minutes late to contribute to the 3-0 victory. The team played a lucky day in morning.

Nevertheless, Germany and Japan say the market is a measure of what has become pretty hard.
However, there is a charm, but it would hire a cheap player with a future

Fulfill a dream, but of course, activated by pulling the money market to follow.
At any rate, Europe's wineries CL showdown indeed. I feel that this year has been more than usual attention. Sell ​​jerseys or this would happen.


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