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Lyon Vs Real Madrid 1 - 1 Full Highlights HQ 22/02/2011

Real Madrid are under attack from the side in Lyon, but it is a translation seem dangerous at first glance, that Real Madrid turned from Mourinho,Players are entering the goal, or players coming into the front of the goal, marking exactly into it, if a defensive approach to the concept,

Players are entering the goal, or players coming into the front of the goal, marking exactly into it, if a defensive approach to the concept,DF4 2 piece + volante central gathering, defending it in front of goal to make a wall, even when six of the attacks so that this "4-2" defense without it breaking a block,Movement as a single unit, with a high risk for management at the receiving counter, I thing.Although it is rising in Lyon showed their offensive, attacking gradually been lost, but I will become a pace of translation of Real Madrid and it becomes even more of Real Madrid, while
Attack without working too much, the game was a stalemate that much development.

Whether that works for Real Madrid attack, whether that becomes a starting point for the top players anyway, whether you're doing with one of the top offensive team as a whole,、They are concentrated in that area, of course it is weak defensive opponent, commence dribbling di Maria hiragana and even Ronaldo scored just take the offensive is a translation of If you have little strength to enemy's defense, I translated it just go away almost scored. In other words, the fact that Adebayor will be put in this gameUnfortunately, the origin of the attack was not accustomed to it, there was no Power is Real Madrid's attacks. Thing to say, 19 minutes late, Real Madrid are in place Translated Benzema put Adebayor was born on this score soon. Development of a throw-in from Real Madrid, but once the ball enters Can not say either of the two people and steal the ball and Ejiru Benzema,
Carried the ball dribbles toward the goal while keeping Ejiru pass to Ronaldo had been moved to the center.And the C · Ronaldo, left out of the path in the PA Benzema came into touch with, and through it Benzema intact while dribbling and shooting to the right PA to the right. Shot is weak, the other luckily missing between the legs of GK, there will also be that this is fixed, Now deployed to lead Real Madrid one point. Soon after, both teams will move. Lassana Diarra Real Madrid Kedira place.
Brianne Lyon and introduce instead Piedo Delgado and Bustos. Lyon has a wing instead of two. Lassana Diarra Real Madrid I still Kedira position.
Thus, each containing from Benzema, Real Madrid, C · they look like Ronaldo and Benzema in the top two, is that this is Mourinho's instructions, or, What Ronaldo did so on their own, where I understand well, but I think it was modified to strengthen its balance and defense probably put in place Ejiru Marcelo, Real Madrid is "4-4-2" has to. Lyon put in place a Sherusutoremu Pyanitchi. Honestly, at this point from the remaining time was 15 minutes, I could outrun one-point lead Real Madrid remain at this rate, I Lyon strict translation but I thought, no such luck, So we are 38 minutes late, Lyon restart.

Only one wall standing as the ball is kicked Pyanitchi C · flying to the goal and a subtle feeling Ronaldo flew to where the ball is in front of the goal of heading Gomisu, -Unfortunately I think that there is, since I personally feel the presence of Marcelo, for the purposes of Ejiru Mourinho after entering on behalf of the "4-4-2" I think it was,

Marcelo left the SH without entering properly left as top to bottom SH they play in the position subtle, such as indirect causes had given Lyon a play set in the middle of the left side it I think that had been translated.


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