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Miroslav Klose

Lost in Dortmund, Hannover game against Schalke reached the cup defeat.

Third and fourth it was a direct confrontation, was desperate to win the game, Schweinsteiger is suspended in Cumulative.

Gustavo was also a member. Gustavo hurt?

Center back, and Bureno Timoshuku.

Badoshutouba left and right to the last line of alarm.

To volante are close to containing Puranitchi Toni was no change the previous two columns.

Unmanageable situation the team was forced to step change in the form of a moving second member was there and people injured on the accumulation of stable but unable to fight the team would immediately allow preemptive Hanover.

Away from the right side were beaten in 16 minutes early, but the half-time Badoshutouba Timoshuku and OUT, and contains Ottoru fan Buyten, SB Puranitchi moved to the left.

Puranitchi, do I change positions during the game?

And attacks not seen in the shape of this, the second goal in Hannover's goal six minutes late.

Been decided to look away three points in 17 minutes late returning from a Ribery Robben in combination immediately after I finished the game.

Klose, but to introduce instead of close, there are not any Shuba, who's out there are not any cross paths?

I do not eat any other direct red card in the 1-3 defeat Bureno retaliation is in fourth place back.

The outcome of Mainz tomorrow, will drop to fifth place.


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