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Tottenham 0-0 AC Milan (09-03-2011)(Champions League) full Highlights Live Goals

UEFA Champions League knockout stages as early as the 2nd leg celebrated. In the 1st leg 0-1 away to Milan is down at Tottenham,2nd leg in the goalless draw with AC Milan beating the onslaught, I decided to advance the quarterfinals for the first time! How to win the next team, where
What a place ー very anxious to draw the quarter-finals on March 18.

Now, the home of Tottenham's 4-2-3-1 lineup. Crouch is a top-FW15. MF11 top down Van der Vaart. Pienaar left midfield MF40, MF14 Modoritchi, MF30 Sandro, MF7 Lennon. DF32 DF-line from the left bias = Ekoto, DF20 Dawson, DF13 Gallas, DF22 Col Luke, GK1 Gomez. 1st leg was injured in the DF22 has come back Koruruka be great.Very good cooperation from the 1st of the vertical leg Koruruka and Lennon.

4-3-3 Lejos de Milán cartel. Ibrahimovic Top 1 FW11, FW70 2 Shadow FW7 Robinho Pato. 3 desde el centro del campo a la izquierda Boateng MF27, MF10 Seedorf,MF16 Flamini. 4 from the left-back Yankurofusuki DF18, DF33 Thiago Silva, DF13 Nesta, DF20 Abate, GK32 Abbiati.In addition to Milan 1st Gattuso is suspended mad dog leg, injured in a series of best members, but it is gorgeous to the starting lineup.

Tottenham dominated the first half or a little home. MF7 the right side three minutes from center to Crouch FW15 Lennon.。Crouch down where the MF11 is stuffed with Van der Vaart, unfortunately I have taken charge keeper
Milan should also strengthen the fight back to win possession, however. 15 minutes Ibrahimovic FK FW11 is also a strong non-rotating, GK1 Fainsebu Gomez! 25 minutes from the counter on the left side flowed MF7 GK1 patrols have been pouring in to skirt a negative cross-Gomez, Robinho MF70! The mice became so sucked into this loose ball goal, Clear DF13 Gallas narrowly on the line! FW11 has jumped from 31 minutes into the second row of thru FW7 Ibrahimovic shot was again blocked by Pato Gomez. Control the midfield but Milan drew Tottenham can finish it very difficult to DF. It is not strange because it runs in the Champions League but the Premier conceded that much,What's the difference in motivation. The FW15 was a counter attack that focuses on simple assault Crouch, not even a lick this point enough in Milan.While saying the first half quickly ended in score-less.


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