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Mostovoi, el Zar de Balaídos

In sports newspaper has reported on negotiations with Japan coach against, "favorite" I looked up Victor Fernandez, director of the Spanish people also have this. The highlight of the carrier during FC Porto (2003) Toyota Cup, Mourinho's former coach (now Director R Madrid) led the Toyota Cup after taking over.PK is remembered at the end of the war was victory.

But look at the history of its leadership, in the van with 45 years experience in the young coach as opposed to say, his age is 49 years of experience in quite a number of clubs,The veteran coach can say. During his career, so players were not listed in the wiki, is a major player in the hope that it will not,As a Copa del Rey by Zaragoza coach took command in 1990 for six years (Copa del Rey [Speaking in Japanese equivalent to the Emperor]) led twice in the victory,We have experience Kappuuinazu Cup was won in Europe. Zaragoza is part of a team of nearly constant position when the team is in a bad state of the team may be relegated There are no top-notch team. The team that brought the title of European Isao Makoto think it great. Fernandez, NHK-BS timing of the Spanish League through 2002 was broadcast from the late 1990s, I was doing Celta coach.
Celta is a team of the Atlantic Ocean port city of Vigo, this time under Mosutoboi top Russian representative in Europe in combination Karupin left wing was the first time fighting CL glanced away.Watching football abroad, it faces the Director of consciousness at the time they did not say hey if you remember that time director. However,Problems of Japan's national coach is the same as if the van Fernandez, Fernandez, Espanha, Portugal fora do país experimentou o que foi uma vez lá o treinador do FC Porto, Português e Espanhol são como dialetos são disse para levar o outro.The word was a foreign experience, the veteran is the first time in so much. Himself "more comfortable" Africa is known to give me hope,


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