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Nagatomo: Brescia vs Inter 1-1 インテルミラノ対ブレーシャ1月1日 11-03- 2011

Inter put the mourning play, directed by Leonardo "We are with you guys"

Serie 11 A day is made for Intel Brescia, Section 29, wearing a black arm band played condolences to Japan represent the two teams. The city started as the left-Nagatomo Yuu is played 79 minutes. The game is also open the scoring with goals from Eto'o, Intel decided to Caracciolo 1-PK is a draw.

After the match, Inter coach Leonard, "has suffered a terrible tragedy for Japan by the disaster. To show our solidarity, decided to put a black arm band. Thanks to the understanding Brescia too soon. Natural disasters, the hope that it will fit as soon as possible. In this land far from Japan, it might be quite difficult to realize,I will know a lot about Japan, there'm very close. We are with Japan, "commented towards Japan.
I will know a lot about Japan, there'm very close. We are with Japan, "commented towards Japan.

 Inter is a member of Japan National DF Nagatomo Yuu is "from Milan," has announced the following words in the title.

"The news from Japan is reportedly very shocking, brave Japanese, and it is great solidarity. Inter For people facing a difficult situation in Japan, sent words of encouragement. The strength he has shown the Japanese And we believe this will survive a difficult phase in its great wisdom "

 Milan, meanwhile, "Rossonero (Milan nickname) is for large earthquakes in Japan, and pray for the safety of victims, I do believe support. 1989 (Toyota Cup) and 2007 (in the Club World Cup) in Japan has visited a very good memory, Milan has built a great relationship with Japan.We are watching with deep sorrow the current situation "and represents a statement.

Damaged by the earthquake and tsunami in the Northeast are now a terrible thing, I would like you to visit the affected people.

 The appearance of yesterday's earthquake and tsunami, the damage has been reported one after another throughout the morning and is really nasty.


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