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Nagatomo e Sneijder negli spogliatoi di Genova

BS today I was playing Inter's game.
Yuu Nagatomo played I was full.I was out on the right side suspension Maicon, Seem really well. Do not miss you as well as to overlap at all.It is also a top speed at this level. I was against it tear DF. I'm against is weak but the lower sample.

It is okay to cross-Ne. From left foot with high accuracy even I have trouble DF crosscut.
Were a decade ago, I never played full Seem impossible at Intel Japan. I am amazed that I'm doing with the ordinary or Eto'o or Sneijder.
Kagawa is also something, I'll ace the Dortmund. It is now time great.

I'm going to be amazing Miyaici Palace from Arsenal Feyenoord later! ? That is already a world-class speed.

"Wenger also fell in love!" I do not expect too much like each of the city, the temple is expected to grow I want to say good things in the future.

The voice is cool interview!

Soccer, Serie A, Sampdoria - against Inter. Yuu Nagatomo regular players suspended so that the microcomputer has a wing in the starting lineup right.Yuu Nagatomo seems to have grown rapidly. After all, Inter's dire Sneijder shot FK intense and Eto'o won 0-2.


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