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FW Jermain Defoe of Tottenham member.

 Has been reported to be considering a move to Manchester City won in the transfer market this summer.  To Defoe recently has been found to leave a comment to consider leaving the Spurs in the transfer market in January.  City has a big problem. FW is the ace of the team that haunted the possibility of transfer to Carlos Tevez.City's top priority is to beg someone to stay the release of ace Tevez.
 However, there is also the option of release if they want to have one's hands tied Tevez has moved stubbornly.
 Defoe put the plan that was considering to leave Tottenham in the January transfer market as the replacement.
 Tevez will get released in a gain on sale, I think I will turn the way Defoe earn money as it is.
 However, fifth league this season (as of March 9, 2011) and Tottenham are just one step away from to win the Champions League next season and a berth. Tottenham will this be released so easily to the team's scorer Defoe is a competitor to the City is unlikely.  Citi, the reality is that you might take to persuade Tottenham not only provide a huge transfer fee? ?


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