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Real Madrid 3 - Olympic de Lyon 0: Ronaldo, Casillas y Xabi Alonso en zona mixta.

Bayern 2-3 Intel Inter Wins rise
Chelsea 0-0 Copenhagen Chelsea win to rise
Manchester United 2-0 Marseille Man U won rise
Real Madrid 3-0 Lyon Real win rise

It simply says Cha. Intel First, we were still on the brink tea. Gomez also Ribery and Bayern, and Muller and strong, though there was intensity if Robben, of course, Italy urges, I fall more in the flow, good or bad, right straight left Intel.
Italian habit and probably get rid of the defensive much of Eto'o angry sore,

Nagatomo overlap, attracted the final point, and until I can not but to describe, but I guess it was number 25 on the other, obviously, The offering was to follow up with the ball in bounds Nagatomo is certain. Real After that, I wrote this a few times, becoming Mourinho, but use Catch of the new force? ,But I thought before the season, C-axis, while Rona, a continuation of the iron face for most of last season, C na B, Casillas, Sergio Ramos I'm about?
Oh, after the unexpected? It'll be Xabi Alonso is also remained. Ejiru, Kedira, Dimaria, and so brilliantly used. Barca game that we've touched him, and really balsa but also drew other, "Door" to make, for that "Tame", but I'm outstanding. I ALWAYS write, I Man U players, I will not like it really take the individual granules.Or O'Shea or Fletcher, Scholes etc. Even earlier, Wake not make the team not to win big-time player never to gather.So what can you take in a place unknown and even Ronaldo. Then a sense, I'm about Rooney transfer is exceptionally big. I think so, but I do not like - so the club does not fall into this category, team building, and is amazing. -Chelsea and Real, Mowry urine is still big money benefits, I'll have more sustained. Barca also, but was really strong and attractive, as exceptional Lionel Messi, Xavi and Iniesta can I catch the other teams separately For example, if fit, I mean, and how much power can dramatically increase team The area I'm not understand? Barca is a collection of high quality balsa, I feel that. Catch of the Villa, and I as the decisive goal,

Pretty sure I sound reinforcement.

In any case, those teams collide and so headed to the quarterfinals of the CL.


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