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Gareth Bale Vs Inter Milan

Tottenham winger MF Global Bail contract extension until 2015!

 Last Saturday, a representative of Wales Gareth Bale Tottenham MF (21) new four-year contract with the club.
 Vail said, "I'm happy to value their football at Spurs. I want to continue to move forward as a team. And I want to achieve great things if possible."

 "The members have all of them great. I'm still a young team. And we are heading in the right direction. I did not know this club is the best. If possible,Realize that you want to be able to believe in this team. It wants the players here are hoping that as a fan. To play in front of this fan is not it special "

 "I believe that will never be able to challenge the title of which is out. So now I'm signed. Each year,We aim to have at least Champions League. We'll definitely headed in the right direction "
 "In the Champions League this season, we also demonstrated that the best teams do each other. I'm still in the quarterfinals. This season and next season,S no reason to proceed further before "and commented.

 Vail moved to Tottenham from Southampton in May 2007 at the age of 17. Since then, he showed in the game 17 goals to raise 112 UEFA Champions League match against Intel and I will try to achieve a hat-trick to winger has grown worldwide. .
 Wales at Tottenham's Nova is finally awakening attention to the great success in the 17-year-old Southampton.Garesu・Beiru cut through the left side in a sharp dribbling in an instant to leave the party


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