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Bayern Munich vs Inter Milan 2-3 (Champions League) Highlights 15-03-2011

【東日本大震災】UCLバイエルンvsインテル、黙祷とYou'll never walk alone.

8 Violent strength of the soul! Nagatomo, V bullet director / Europe CL

 Final round of the Champions League second leg T1 (15, in addition to Bayern Germany) Inter Milan (Italy) Japan National DF Nagatomo Yuu (24),Final round of the Champions League second leg T1 (15, in addition to Bayern Germany) Inter Milan (Italy) Japan National DF Nagatomo (24), Exceeded the number of away goals, advance to the quarterfinals of the third decision the Japanese. After the game give a voice to victims of the earthquake victims and East, wrapped around the stadium.
 Violent is the soul. Reached in 42 minutes 2-2 second half, the DF Nagatomo behalf Kivu into the left side, a minute later, a long ball straight to side-step goal. DF2 and attract people,FW Ball Eto'o of Cameroon who represent the other side of the path to send Pandefu FW, bullets reversed. Nagatomo attracted the winning goal.
 "(CL, the European debut) was a unique atmosphere. Leonardo was said to coach me to go fast attack. The earthquake devastated East), to show her you are fighting in Japan "
 0-1 first leg defeat at home to warm the bench and out of the starting lineup the second game too. Allow early 1-2 lead, seemed to dream of straight or lost.But 18 minutes late, and come back to life in the Dutch national middleweight MF tie Snyder, Nagatomo devotion ran 7 minutes 50 seconds, including injury time.
 Keisuke Honda last season's Japanese representative MF (CSKA Moscow) DF Utida Atsuhito season (Schalke), the third European victory in Japan reversed the decision following a round of CL8. One minute silence before the game by Earthquake East (Mokutou) was offered, but on the pitch, "We are with everyone in Japan" banner written in Japanese. -Both sides with a black arm band to play, Nagatomo after the match, promised a flag with a message.
 "Even if my heart no matter how far one.'re Not alone. Have everyone! Overcome with everyone! You'll never walk alone"

  With no home away too. Football fight songs, famous Allianz Arena 70,000 people gathered to enemy territory, "You'll Never Walk Alone (You're not alone)" spacious melody flows.
 Nagatomo is "(the song) does not depend on me. Just matched. This is also what has led" around the stadium this. The voice of hope and spread requiem, prayed much to the disaster area in Japan.


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