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Cristiano Ronaldo - Famous

The Spanish national Lona C! ? "April 1," British newspaper reported
 The British daily Independent newspaper, the Portuguese national FW C · Ronaldo (R Madrid) transfer fee is 160 million euros (about 18.9 billion yen) in the reported transfer to the Spanish national.

 Fiscal transfer fee will be devoted to the Portuguese government. While England is £ 200 million (approximately 26.9 billion yen), which aimed at stealing,C · Argentina than in Spain, FW Ronaldo Messi (Barcelona) that calls for some. April Fools is over.
The real story, C · Ronaldo was expected to miss two days of injury against Gijon.

Yesterday, it was April Fool's Day.This self-restraint in the mood in Japan, no lie too funny, I feel like I live in a world somewhat like a lie,April Fool on one side of the newspaper articles where each foreign country. "Because of financial difficulties Portugal, Spain sold to the Portuguese national Cristiano Ronaldo,"I think people do not know not familiar with football, becoming one of the greatest footballers in the history of the Portuguese players no doubt. -By the way, you get the game even once as a player representative, the representative of the country but although I can not change citizenship. It is also based on the good lie.


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