Schalke semifinals for the first time! Nagatomo Uchida showdown with victory_Football_Champions League _semi-finals _Germany _Utida Atsuhito_Schalke _Nagatomo _Inter Milan _Italy_Manchester United _Sneijder _Raul _Thiago Motta_Eto'o_Tottenham _Real Madrid _1-0

Schalke vs Inter Milan (2-1) All Goals Full Highlights 2011 UEFA Champions League

Schalke semifinals for the first time! Nagatomo Uchida showdown with victory

Football, Champions League (CL) 13 semi-finals second leg, and performed in Gelsenkirchen, Germany Japan National Utida Atsuhito DF (23) belongs to Schalke (Germany) is home to the city DF Nagatomo (24) belongs to Inter Milan (Italy) 2-1 by defeating, 7-3, 2 total war's first semi-finals decided. Uchida is a wing, right, Nagatomo has played together in a left-full.Manchester United Schalke in the semifinals (England) play against the decision. Inter Milan has been cut off CL consecutive dreams.
 The first leg at home to Inter Milan 5-2 Schalke in the lucky day in morning. Inter Milan will be tough in the required minimum of at least four points to break through, showcase match began.Inter Milan's first planted. Sneijder has hit a middle-minute intense 5, GK caught in the front. Schalke has a right to enter the area eight minutes Uchida dribble, took the ball to block the cross-Nagatomo match-up.12 minutes left in area planted, but Nagatomo, Uchida I extended my cut. Schalke have hit a header minutes Raul 17, GK caught directly.From Milano to take the initiative after 25 minutes, but the left side to break through the cross-Nagatomo 27 minutes. FK is aimed at 34-minute mid-left foot to match the loose ball,Out on the goal. Nagatomo galloping cross is aimed at the left side and then aggressively, DF was blocked. HT 45 minutes approached, and escaped into the right-thru of Raul Jurado fending off GK, Schalke preemptive right-foot shot poured into the unattended goal.Wrapped in the first half 1-0 lead.
 Inter Milan last four minutes of desperate right Thiago Motta CK push the area from the left caught up to tie the score 1-1. 15 minutes, but swayed to the right net from a short corner Schalke offside decision. Eto'o tried a header two minutes later, Inter Milan, the Put in the box did not hit well Uchida body. 20 minutes, but a sharp cross into the left side to break through Nagatomo, GK catches. 5 minutes later, but Eto'o who fired a right-foot shot Nagatomo path, the opposing players off the ball slightly to the right. Reached 36 minutes and Without swinging the right foot in front of goal Hevedesu Raul rushed into the vertical path, GK has the ball left the next 2-1 Schalke go-ahead goal and pierced right. The intense battle continued even after the two teams fled tolerate a high concentration Schalke additional points. Uchida is the first Japanese in Europe to enter the semifinal played in the CL.
 Tottenham was held in London (England) - Real Madrid (Spain), one of the game, but goals from Ronaldo Real Madrid C · 1-0 victory.Determine the total of two races into the semifinals 5-0 in the semifinals at Barcelona (Spain) to play against.


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