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Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi - 2011 HD

To goal shoot-thru!


European Champions League semi-final decided in a second goal four people without dribbling in Real vs Barcelona Barça Messi. Try a shot at this, "shoot-thru to the goal!" Feel.

Sure, I think Zico, "Shoot the pass to the goal," said the.

This is simply because I think the words were directed against Japanese soccer kick a ball shot toward goal cluttered fullest. There is also a weak point where we become even this shocking words.

However, these words are missing something, I was left with. Messi is the type of shot from such a kick and a bang as Barca are not Ronaldo.Aware of the goalie, so as not to touch the ball into the keeper, or how to pass the ball to the goal of the mouse on its back that looks the type.

This is the "thru to the goal" is the reason.

Disconnect the four, while crowded fall, pouring the last minute movement of the keeper of the fur was through to the keeper's goal.


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