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Robinho & Neimar vs Naviraiense 10-0 All Goals - Brazil Cup 2010

Featured Ganso young Brazilian, the constant rumors that Intel may now transfer or Milan. His "Sky" in the situation and I talk about the club in Brazil. "My condition is good already, it still can be improved. I am closer to 100%. Have no fear, just concentrate on good football. Neimaru is related to pitch in and out of the secret of our collaboration I do not.Messi has more than two people? - No. Messi is the best in the world. Who am I Neymar affects only receive him. No comparison "
"Return to Brazil for myself,'m striving hard. I pay attention to defensive football, I think there are good quality techniques. Very attractive. Eto'o FW excellent knows.Ibura also a good player. Myself, I would fit well in football. Thiago Silva is a good talk on the phone. I say come to Milan "-
"Leonard says he's very disciplined club Intel. Usually, technological improvements such advice. Mourinho successor Leo? - The team scored a good result, and the director showed excellent. Victory will bring more "

"Inter or Milan? - Both excellent players and I do not know each other by either side would be more easy. I have an agent in Europe, is unable to speak.Santos regarding contract renewal, I think the agreement is found. Pele s impossible to compare. Is proud to wear this shirt. Currently, the future is unpredictable. I want to play in Italy someday. "


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