Manchester United showed, the art of breaking_organizational skills were excellent. The great goal_Rooney_Giggs _Papadopurosu_Matipu_Kuryuge _Papadopurosu _Metseruda _world-class _超ワールドクラスのプレー

Schalke vs Manchester United 0 1 goal Ryan Giggs

Manchester United showed, the art of breaking

Preemptive fixed points of Manchester United 67 minutes, a mixture of individual talent and advanced organizational skills were excellent. The great goal.

Rooney, there were several options. The most close to the goal is to break a single direction is Matipu. However, Rooney was selected to the right cross.Movement and to link it starts running Giggs clever.Fullard and stroll up the pace before, once the swelling to disappear out of sight Papadopurosu, runs to the front of the goal.
The worst is trying to Kuryuge approaching from behind sliding Rooney is that had been exchanged.If the sliding exchanged, not even near a body anymore. Inevitably, Papadopurosu is gone but Wayne Rooney put the press.

Of course, Giggs is free. The nice addition is a clever play on Chicharito. Giggs saw him running, open out, the Metseruda out.

If that happens, who is no longer stop Giggs. Correct path from the street through Rooney, Giggs is the last bastion of GK is 1:1 and took the Noia, preemptive Manchester United.

Giggs running and full of intelligence, the Chicharito "consideration", created by breaking feats of strength and lasting power of Rooney and outstanding determined. , Plain and will play world-class super.


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