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Inter Milan vs Lazio 2-1 - All Goals & Highlights - 23-04-2011

Serie A was done in every game, home Lazio against Inter.

22 game early 'exit from an away defeat by the Red Julio Cesar Mauro Zarate has been a break in the area, even after he is in a difficult situation PK itself Zarate also been determined. Julio Cesar was sent off for Intel, Snyder directly tied to the catch 40 FK minutes just before the end of the first half to decide.
 And the late 53 'but in the long path of Eto'o jumped Zanetti, successfully reversed net swung suddenly brought to the area.
 Was sent off 66 minutes Nagatomo violence against Stefano Mauri had received the mark Nagatomo relentless, Intel was the clear win against 10 people 10 people.  Naples was defeated for the second place, rising to second place league Inter fending off Naples.

 Despite reversal of Julio Cesar in trouble with the sudden exit, even ・ ・ ・ league like this. Milan also won well, but still eight points behind wins.

Leonard praised! Nagatomo is "admitted he had around"

 23 days against Lazio (home), and leave the party and put someone in a 2-1 defense that produced the upset victory of the Serie A, Inter Milan Japan National DF Nagatomo is Expectations and pressures surrounding the big club, have never felt pressure to overcome, "and proudly. J-League to resume, "but everyone worked for me to international overseas." Directed by Leonard "and fight prejudice, and he had found around" and praised.


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