Ronaldo's Goal! Real semifinals / Europe CL_Second leg _Champions League quarter-finals _Gelsenkirchen_Germany_Real Madrid _Spain_Tottenham Hotspur_England_Semi-final _Barcelona _Portuguese _C · Ronaldo _Brazil _Gomez _goal_Carvalho_Mourinho _Spanish Cup final _Classico_Barca_天国か地獄

Champions League - Quarts de Finale Retour Tottenham 0-1 Real Madrid

Ronaldo's Goal! Real semifinals / Europe CL

 Second leg Champions League quarter-finals (13, Gelsenkirchen, Germany) Real Madrid (Spain) Tottenham Hotspur (England) Total War 2 into the semifinals 5-0 down in the first time in eight seasons. Semi-final showdown with Barcelona was the same old enemy of Spain.
 Aims to reverse against Tottenham in desperation, stopped by one shot and stabbed Real ace. 0-0 is five minutes late. FW of Portuguese national non-rotating C · Ronaldo fires a shot.Miss Brazil GK Gomez caught. Sucked the ball into the goal.

 Could give a great victory. I've seen close to the final "and C · Ronaldo.Portuguese national non-DF Carvalho was suspended the next game is decided for the first time for over 4 favorably eight seasons.

 However, Mourinho and the players get on the ball. Await in the semifinals of the 27th of this month and three days in Barcelona next month.Moreover, the enemy will hit Japan on the 16th in the league, Spanish Cup final game in the 20th as well. "Classico" The battle will be followed by four times in about three weeks.
 Real domestic league but were eight points ahead to lead Barca, Ronaldo said forcefully.
 "They have a great team but, in the presence of another world is not. Believe in the power of their" heaven or hell. Four games this season put all.

「相手は素晴らしいチームだが、決して別世界の存在ではない。自分たちの力を信じている」 天国か地獄。この4試合に、今季のすべてをかける。

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