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Manchester United vs Chelsea (2-1) goal Park Ji-Sung 朴智星曼聯

The hell is there going to lose no

Wenger, Premier League win for Liverpool

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger to make the championship interesting until the end, the 17th game against Liverpool to win and have never talked. Manchester United Premier Cup semi-final because of the FA, not the league this weekend. I want to shrink to four points of difference between them and United.Then, even if you win against Tottenham delayed digestion, to be greeted by a United home game on May 1 at one point.

"We're up from the championship, it does not invite remark.It is important to their strong feeling that, for England is important that I continue to struggle for victory "and said the need for victory against Liverpool.
However, Liverpool has a trump card and Andy Carroll scored a goal against Arsenal in the final period Newcastle.

"He was very strong and physical, to understand the importance of the cross or long ball. And how the body is also good, with strong aerial combat. Carol is young and still growing now.One point I decided against Manchester City striker was a goal indeed. Do I have to shut him, "Wenger has warned against.

I insisted on the brink - I sure know that

The silence is not Carol, it is added Wenger.

Can win, the day before, the red devil and draw from Oh home of the Emirates team slips from his hand cannon ... to win ... even absurd tragedy, and remember .. doing that.


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