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Newcastle 0-0 Mancheter United Premier League 19/04/2011

It was interesting in the United painful painful draw

Arsenal just managed to Premier. Arsenal and United is that I'm left with the game and Chelsea. So there it is 0 points, well ... Trading Places.

The first half ended. It was the Newcastle press. I struggle seems to remain, wow, I have this power. Director of Aranpadeyu. What Englishman.
Korotchini, the members are working hard to move from La Liga and I am glad Gutierrez. This is possibly, probably lose by United. This week they have in CL semi final with Schalke, Berbatov will be on the bench I have not put in for over there. The second half. Nani, Rooney, Hernandez, but Giggs and attack, and I'm in the impatience.

23 minutes late, Giggs from Ebla. Oh, removed. Useless to decide. 25 minutes late, in Valencia Anderson out. It would be dissatisfied Andersen.

35 minutes late, Owen in. Booed big Hahaha. But Nani is out Well, United painful it.

Draw. It hurts. The chance came. Owen is no presence.

Newcastle 0-0  United

Well, as long as Chelsea beat Arsenal and United are two points from six is ​​the difference at this point I have no chance confrontation problems still remain two games.
Fergie is probably one of the top Arsenal Rooney goal in the draw would go 4-5-1, and is subtle or if you can score points allowed and opponents any chance to see the current state.
CL Torres, also featuring Chelsea failed in two games, and cause the same mistake I have seen a rush defense that was introduced after the United Drogba in the second leg to think.
Really be a little anxious to win this weekend against Evaton ... and a large number of games than other teams prepared to deal, because I'm worried that seem to accumulate fatigue.


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