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内田フル出場!シャルケvsマンU CL準決勝 ハイライト

I have a sense of the CL also had two games decided. Schalke want to see Raul's goal, but was beaten at least. But I could see great saving Noia.If the world moved to Bayern NO. I called that one day will come.

Already settled or has it about. The first 90 minutes of the semi-final 2 minutes in 180 total games, trying something like it, Schalke finished the 1st leg. After the game, however, reveals that the player was of much chagrin Atsuto Uchida .
 Toward the bench in line with a whistle, hydration once sat. Then, to greet supporters in the hall, and took away a group,Other than being spoken and turned back to the locker room. Speaking of other players, fighting against Manchester United, but expected to hide the color of fatigue,Atmosphere was rather calm. Raul and vision reflected in the large hall was already full of smiles. Still, one count Uchida appeared in front of reporters out of Schalke players were always look back and have already easily.
"(In 3 days) and also the league, and are very loose and mentally dragging. Next week, over there (Old Trafford), because everybody understands the implications of soccer.I go back to the bench I was all refreshed today. They're a good team and it was [me]. Japanese, but often depressed Jau Ku, the different culture here in Japan. If I were a type of depression] [O Usshi would have been worried about me (hugging the shoulders soothing gestures and laughing) I think. I'm also always with relief, I type makes sense here. "
 In general purposes only, but the Japanese are more and better representation of the weak display of emotion. So, the players are and reveals the frustration after the defeat, the negative comments should not have much.
 No war with Manchester United, and contrary to the tone, the story tends to go in the direction was negative. "I want a positive experience today? I guess I have to useless. Being told first Japanese lost [finished] can not be helped by'll regret. (I), so far, so I out the game, the experience gained on this stage but it is big.

I'm talking like a dead, yet! There followed 90 minutes, "and laugh while the other party to speak to keep reminding myself.

 Than watching television and over the stands, made me feel the harsh reality of the player should own. Behind in the still to Old Trafford.

"What it means to play football over there, because everybody understands," Uchida face forward. What Schalke 2nd fight us what showing a leg.


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