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Arsene Wenger Wenger on Injuries & Title Race

Wenger: snapped and was lacking energy
It was a frustrating game, "was a frustrating performance, in our original pace, they were not at all.Also missing was a mediocre performance overall energy or temper. Today is made of great concern. "
The reason for the mediocre performance?

"Difficult to cite a specific reason. Rise was good, then the momentum has fallen. A handful of players, but had to find a game-changing resources,Ino Makoto had been stopped by Blackburn defender as well. But the big reason he does not believe it. I believe there was a problem with our attack itself.
Race for title

"We are not a Manchester United thing, must concentrate on their performance. Before talking about the title,I first regain their level of performance. Then I can talk about the title. We must first raise the level. "

What is the impact of Manchester United comeback?

"We will have eight games left, including Manchester United, but I can not stand what schedule.It should not be an excuse that they were reversed. Our job is getting back to their level. "

To win the title seems fraught with challenges

"I did not fear anything, I'm worried about today's performance only. The media will reflect the results of all
I shall concentrate on the level of performance before returning to talk about the title. Was inadequate because it made today. 'm Most worried about that point. "

I have wasted too much for the opportunity

"There was also a golden opportunity late in the first half.'s Cut, but decided it was not just a coincidence."

The crowd you find out what the team arrived?

"It is not our concern. We are not about the attitude of someone else must be responsible for their performance and attitude."
Why was the bench Cesc Fabregas

"It was a difficult decision, some concerns remained. I think that he survived the injury. He was a little injured in the Camp Nou before the game had to fit. He was fit and well today, his head seemed a bit nervous but still remained. So I decided I have to use him in the starting lineup. "
"Of course, there were several things were recurrence, there was no certainty he will be playing over 90 minutes. In perfect condition to return only way to go step by step,It is important to dispel the sense of insecurity in his head. He was concerned that recur. "
It disappeared in an instant for a lot of competition

"Football is such a thing. We do our best but must accept the result. Barcelona was defeated in battle,We aim to show the performance has been formed. I'm worried about today was made of ordinary things. "

We are not affected by the recent results?

"It might be. But our work is also part of it, we need mental strength to accommodate them. No time to regret yesterday, losing in front of goal should not be Arsenal . "

Samia Nasri is a state?

"He is fine."


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